Credit Controller (Part Time)

Job title Credit Controller (Part Time)
Location Manchester - Northern Quarter
Salary £Competitive
Benefits Excellent benefits including a generous holiday allowance
Ref SM37

Marketing. It’s an exciting business to be in – fast paced, pressured and creative. But, as much as we love what we do, we’ve got to keep our eyes on the bottom line too. Working at such volume and pace, and for some big name clients, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier for our clients and for ourselves. Which is where our Credit Controller comes in.

As a Credit Controller, you’ll be responsible for collecting unpaid money from all sorts of clients who haven’t processed their payments on time. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re looking for a no-nonsense debt collector who goes in all guns blazing – far from it. We’re looking for someone who can build a genuine rapport with people over the phone – but also has the courage and experience to have those difficult conversations when it comes to it. The buck, ultimately, will stop with you.

With agency billings of around £17m, there’ll not only be the day-to-day jobs involved in being a Credit Controller – anything from general accounts administration to managing payment dates. You’ll also compile monthly reports, update us on our debt performance and make sure everyone understands and follows our payment methods and processes.

As an experienced Credit Controller who’s had a similar role before, you’ll expertly cope under pressure, hit deadlines, work flexibly and collaborate with internal teams to resolve payment issues and invoice queries. Time management is key too – as is attention to detail, amazing organisational skills and the ability to prioritise your work. A people person and real problem solver, you’ll know how to build relationships with clients, and that ultimately, your job is to keep your eye on that bottom line – so the ability to be firm but fair is essential.

We’re a friendly bunch here at SMRS, in our airy office in the Northern Quarter, Manchester city centre. So, to join our ambitious marketing business and start enjoying perks that include a generous holiday allowance, apply now.