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We understand employer marketing. We know how challenging it can be. And we come up with plenty of smart and innovative ways to help all kinds of organisations find, keep, motivate and engage their kind of people.

Our team loves helping businesses tell their story of why they’re a great employer. They’re equally excited about finding ways to attract great candidates for specific roles.

Our work

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of our favourite work. There are projects here for all sorts of clients. There are quite a few award winners too. And they’re all here because they worked.

Turning Point

Swinton Insurance

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The Co-operative Bank


Key people

Our experts come from a mix of agency and in-house backgrounds, and they’d all be happy to talk to you. Here's who to contact.

Richard Badley

Head of Planning

The man with a whole load of digital plans, data and diagrams. Richard combines these things with a broad sector knowledge to come up with new ideas on a daily basis.

Sarah Sturgess

Agency Director

Sarah’s SMRS through and through, having joined us way back in 1999. She plays a huge role in developing our business and our culture. And she still (somehow) finds the time to work closely with many of our clients.

A few Important numbers

Here are just a few facts and figures about us and our work.


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People First

And experts a close second

What we are doing

Planning strategies or writing research reports. Coming up with creative or running workshops. Or simply getting out there and mixing. We’re always up to something in the employer sector.

Apprentices vs. Graduates

By Mike Hoffman

This month sees the official launch of the most anticipated piece of employer legislation since the Minimum Wage: The Apprenticeship Levy.

21st April 2017

Challenges and trends in retail attraction

By Sarah Sturgess

Over many years, we’ve helped retailers of all shapes and sizes to articulate employer brands. We’ve also delivered attraction marketing campaigns in retail markets ranging from food and home improvement to fashion and charities. Recently, it struck me how similar the challenges they all face today are.

12th April 2017

Today’s higher education trends are tomorrow’s recruitment challenges

By Ed Layt

When it comes to graduate recruitment, it pays to be prepared. And if you want to see what’s coming, there’s no better place to look than the Higher Education sector. After all, this is where much of the talent of the future is going to come from.

16th March 2017

Challenges and opportunities - how are Universities and Employers approaching the brave new world of the Levy?

By Dan Beynon

We are now only a month away from the formal launch of The Apprenticeship Levy in the UK and Universities and Employers find themselves in various levels of readiness in terms of what lies ahead.

16th March 2017

Lights. Carrot. Action.

By Jon Windeatt

​Collaborative tomatoes. Innovative celery. Cautious, nay-saying aubergines (no-bergines?). We captured them all on film in a hotel in Heathrow. Why? To get to the heart of Kerry Foods’ employer brand, of course.

8th March 2017

Tapping into the power of brand ambassadors

By Mike Hoffman

​Turning employees into brand ambassadors is a big topic right now, but it’s far from new. The idea of an employee ‘representing’ their employer has been around for years, and organisations have long known that the behaviour of an employee can enhance (or, of course, damage) their reputation.

21st February 2017

We need to talk about programmatic

By Richard Badley

​You would have done well to get through the last two weeks without seeing one of the many articles covering one of the many (supposed) risks associated to online ads, more specifically programmatic. What matters here is not hype, opinions or propaganda but brand protection, integrity and trust.

17th February 2017

Data data data

By Richard Badley

​If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that trying to predict the future is a risky game. But we at SMRS have a good idea of what’s going to be on our radars this year.

23rd January 2017

Keeping pace with the world of digital

By Richard Badley

​Digital marketing is becoming dauntingly complex. Channels, devices and how we as consumers are connected is constantly evolving.

20th January 2017

Our predictions for 2017

By Richard Badley

What are the big topics of 2017 likely to be? Here’s what we think.

18th January 2017

How do you run a call centre when customers don’t want to talk?


​There are more call centres than ever in the UK - over 6,200, employing up to 1.1 million people. That’s about 4% of the working population. And more are coming.

20th December 2016

Uber alles?

By Mike Hoffman

In truth, there are few real new ideas under the sun when it comes to marketing or recruitment – but disruption caused by the tech revolution is making some of the things recruiters have dreamed of doing a step closer to reality.

17th October 2016

Are today’s graduates less willing to move for roles?

By Marcus McNeilly

Last week, I attended a very interesting breakfast briefing about the current graduate labour market, hosted by Prospects and presented by their Head of HE Intelligence - Dr Charlie Ball.

10th October 2016

Don’t be fooled by generation stereotypes – they’re really not that different

By Toby Windsor

​If you believe everything you read, the four generations in today’s workplace are radically different. For example, Gen Y are apparently consumed with a huge sense of entitlement, and Baby Boomers just can’t get their heads round new technology. But are these true?

23rd September 2016

The National Living Wage: Pros v Cons

By Jennifer Cunningham

​The National Living Wage. Is it a threat or an opportunity for HR?

1st April 2016

What’s the difference between employer branding and attraction?

By Jennifer Cunningham

To answer this question, I’d first like to tell you a story…

30th March 2016

Happy Clients

We're proud of the work we do. But we're prouder of what our clients think of it.

  • "The Resourcing Team at Wilko loves working with SMRS. They know their stuff, they work really hard and we definitely have fun along the way!"

    Claire Ronan, Resourcing Manager, Wilko

  • "Working with SMRS on our employer brand and careers site has been an absolute delight, they have worked with tight timescales and delivered exceptional quality every time."

    Paul Lundbeck, 
Head of People Operations, Swinton Insurance

  • "SMRS have partnered with B&Q for 18 months, working on key projects such as employer brand and our careers website. The team have always shown themselves to be knowledgeable, professional and honest –using their data, insights and creativity to move the B&Q brand forward."

    Louisa de Lange, Talent Attraction Partner, B&Q

  • "SMRS are a valued and trusted partner to CRUK, the team work hard to understand our organisation and to deliver creative solutions and ideas."

    Rachel Howard, Lead Resourcing Business Partner , CRUK

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