About us

Our business is to put opportunities in front of people.

We promote places to study and places to work.

It sounds simple. But if you think about it, the implications of what we do go deep.

What you study, where you study, and where you work, are things that shape all of us. That shape society itself.

Our job is to find the joy of work and study and to tell those stories. In all their diversity, in all their complexity.

But it all starts with finding out how you want to work.

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Nissan Recruitment

Shifting perceptions. Accelerating response..

Sleek and stylish. Playing our part in the next generation of motor vehicle.

What we do

Strategy. Management. Digital. Creative.

Different people bring different skills.

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Young Guns

Generations in the Workplace

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Smaller World. Even Bigger Opportunities.



Revisions & Decisions

A unique and exciting programme of research looking in detail at the student journey.

Revisions & Decisions

Our People

I love it here at SMRS. Working with such a lovely bunch of people on such a diverse range of client make it a great place to work. There is never a dull moment!

Kerry - Digital Account Coordinator


Unconscious Bias – the little monster in all of us

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Our professional network.