About us

What makes us a bit different is that we’re always trying to improve ourselves. We want to be smarter and braver. We want to make the difference.

Our values reflect this. These are the things we hold dear. The things we look for in people. The things we strive to find in ourselves.

Brains. Courage. Heart.

We think it’s important to keep learning. To listen. To appreciate we don’t always have all the answers – but can, if we use our heads, always find them.

We think it’s important to try new things. To be different, and proud of it. To push ourselves out of our comfort zones. And to deal with things with honesty and integrity.

And we think it’s important to not just think, but feel too. To remember that people have feelings. That there’s nothing more powerful in marketing a brand or working in a business if you can make people love what you are and what you do.

About us

Our Philosophy.

Brains. Courage. Heart.

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Client work showreel.

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Andrius Keblas – Marketing & Communications Executive
Andrius Keblas – Marketing & Communications Executive - X

The best thing about SMRS is definitely the people – the variety of talent there is, everyone’s supportiveness and passion for what they do.

Kate Millen – Account Coordinator
Kate Millen – Account Coordinator - X

The best thing about working at SMRS is the fantastic team and the variety of clients we work with. Our values of Brains, Heart and Courage shine through as we strive for the best results in everything we do.

Emma Crotty
Emma Crotty - Account ManagerX

The best thing about working at SMRS is the people.  I enjoy working with friendly and fun people, who are also focussed on providing clients with the best possible results.

Emma Harradine
Emma Harradine - International Education Account ManagerX

Working with such a talented team of education industry experts, an ever- changing sector that presents new challengers every day, is a real privilege. The fun comes from using the right combination of Heart, Brains and Courage to find solutions to help clients beyond their expectations 

James Coyle
James Coyle - Account DirectorX

What i love about my job is the great people, the clients, the variety of work and the pace! When it comes to Brains, Hearts and Courage, I’m all about the heart. I love SMRS so much i was itching to get back as soon as i left first time round! And now I’m back there’s no getting rid of me. Best moment of my time with SMRS is being on a night out before i started as and Account Coordinator and treating everyone to a rendition of American Pie at Charlie’s!

Sophie Bracegirdle
Sophie Bracegirdle - Account ExecutiveX

Brains, Heart and Courage to me mean doing the best for our clients and the best for each other. We’ve got a great team who are passionate about what they do and aren’t afraid to do things a bit differently for our fantastic clients.

Calum Mailer
Calum Mailer - Senior Digital Operations SpecialistX

As a tech- savvy individual i love to work across an array of different marketing disciplines as it brings a great deal of variety to my work. I use my ‘Brain’ to take the initiative projects and keep my finger on the pulse of the constantly evolving digital landscape. It takes ‘Courage’ to go beyond the call of duty for a client, and i put my ‘Heart’ into promoting the reputation of SMRS

Jennifer Banks
Jennifer Banks - CopywriterX

About me: Variety, challenge and the satisfaction of stringing a load of words together well – that’s what I love about doing what I do. The people at SMRS are a great bunch too. And the fish and frog that live in a tank on my desk. 

Jemma Davis
Jemma Davis - International Education Marketing ManagerX

Find a job you love and you’ll never work again – thats a motto i live by!

Im lucky to have found a career I’m passionate about. Specialising in International HE marketing; a hugely diverse and exciting sector. Best bit- working with people around the world and traveling isn’t half bad either!

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Lisa Webb
Lisa Webb - Account DirectorX

Brains, Heart, Courage says it all really: we’re a growing family of really talented people. And we love to challenge one another as much as taking on a client challenge – that’s what keeps us on our toes and ahead of the game.

Kerry Cope
Kerry Cope - Client Services DirectorX

I really enjoy the pace, the energy and the constant challenge. Having the opportunity to develop strategic solutions, drive change and make a difference is really fulfilling, and being able to do this is the company of some great people makes this all the better.

Kaysha Carr
Kaysha Carr - Account ManagerX

The favourite thing about my job is working with such a lovely bunch of people, my clients and the variety of work we do – no two days are ever the same and i’m constantly learning new things! Best moment so far – receiving the Rising Star and the person most likely to make you smile Awards at the 2011 SMRS Summer Awards. :)

Edowaye Idemudia
Edowaye Idemudia - Account CoordinatorX

I’m a proactive and driven individual who thrives on all aspects of a project from beginning to end whilst always striving to exceed expectations. I am motivated, structured and driven in terms of the task at hand, whilst my passion for everything else means I am able to bring new perspectives to the table. What I love most about working at SMRS is the variety of clients I get to work with but most of all I love the people I work alongside. They are practically family!94

Vivek Evjemo
Vivek Evjemo - Account CoordinatorX

I really enjoy working at SMRS – the unique clients and challenging work has pushed me to develop a variety of skills. SMRS also openly encourage development and progression which has helped make my time here more enjoyable.

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - DesignerX

If you were to ask me which of the SMRS values are most dear to me I would say all of them. The Brains to come up with the ideas, the Heart to craft them, the Courage to put them out there. Use them all and you’re onto a winner!

Cathy Duggan
Cathy Duggan - Office ManagerX

The best thing about SMRS has always been the people and I’m lucky that my role allows me to work pretty closely with everyone across the agency. And this is definitely the highlight of my job – the people I get to spend my time with and the variety of the work that we do.

Daniel Kevin
Daniel Kevin - Lead CreativeX

I am a passionate creative who keeps up with the latest design trends and developments within the industry.

Annamaria Hutchinson
Annamaria Hutchinson - Agency ReceptionistX

As being a receptionist, this means I get to spend everyday talking to new people and meeting new clients who come into our office. Everybody is a joy to work with and I’m enjoying my time at SMRS.

Chris Woodhouse
Chris Woodhouse - Account ManagerX

Best thing about work is the people – a great bunch of people who immediately make you feel at home and care passionately about our clients and the work we produce. Greatest Moment – winning best look-a-like at the SMRS awards as the Fantastic Mister Fox (uncanny isn’t it?!)

Toby Windsor
Toby Windsor - Managing PartnerX

I feel personally privileged to work with some amazing clients and an outstanding bunch of professionals. People who care as passionately as I do about the difference we can make. That for me is the Joy of Work.

Ed Layt
Ed Layt - Strategic Marketing ConsultantX

I take a leading role in focusing the brains of the agency to deliver innovative and effective strategic solutions for our clients. 11 years experience in HE has developed my passion for the education sector and I use this heart to find new approaches and provide insight along the way!

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Paul Mann
Paul Mann - Creative Services ManagerX

From the moment I walked in on day one I felt welcomed. I love working with a talented and diverse team who are empowered to develop themselves creatively and to make positive change in a fast and busy environment.

Leah Misiewicz
Leah Misiewicz - Office AdministratorX

My joy of work comes from our Heart value. As I’m a receptionist, this means I’m spending every day talking to new people and meeting new clients on a day-to-day basis who come into our office. It’s a great way of getting to know new people.

Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy - Research ManagerX

Brains, Courage and Heart means conducting research on behalf of clients and working with all my colleagues.

Gerald Mwanyika
Gerald Mwanyika - Senior DeveloperX

I had a fantastic welcome to the company, I love the people, challenges each day brings and great social atmosphere.

Sarah Sturgess
Sarah Sturgess - Agency DirectorX

I love our values of Brains, Courage and Heart as they get you thinking about how you balance the way you work. Everything we do is to keep our clients happy. But, to achieve this we have to work together to come up with clever ideas and keep challenging each other and our clients to do things better, all whilst keeping a big smile on our faces!

Kevin Fairclough
Kevin Fairclough - ArtworkerX

Favourite thing about your job – sign offs. Biscuits. Listening to people who know their skills…and how to execute them well. Greatest moment at work – seeing work go live.

Georgia Richmod
Georgia Richmod - ArtworkerX
Danny Gartside
Danny Gartside - Account CoordinatorX

Brains. Courage. Heart. No one value is more important than the other, just like all the incredibly talented departments at SMRS, who as part of the grad scheme, I have been fortunate enough to work with. Loved every minute of it, especially the free lunches.

Marcus McNeilly
Marcus McNeilly - Account ExecutiveX

Heart and courage are with me when I wake up, brains kick in after 3 cups of coffee. 

Gemma Wildgoose
Gemma Wildgoose - Senior CopywriterX

Courage is being the first person to grab a pastry in a big client meeting. Heart is not taking the last one. And of course, Brains are what get you there.

Kameron Abbas
Kameron Abbas - Digital OperationsX

The values of ‘brains, courage and heart’ are embedded within the people and the environment. I love the fact that I work for a passionate organisation that takes great care of our career development and progression. I feel privileged to be here and hope I can repay the faith they’ve shown in me through hard work and determination.

Richard Badley
Richard Badley - Head of PlanningX

Forget what keeps you awake at night, it’s more about what gets you out of bed in the morning. For me, it’s the excitement of working with a fantastic team, solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions – always with measurable results. Never a quiet moment. Never a dull moment. Always a joy.

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Herdy Ramanuj
Herdy Ramanuj - Digital OperationsX

My mind is always working at SMRS – great people, great clients and a great atmosphere. I haven’t been here long but already feel like part of a big family. I know it sounds cliché, but we really do work hard and play hard!

Fahtima Shahid
Fahtima Shahid - Account CoordinatorX

Everyone at SMRS has been so welcoming. The whole team is extremely supportive, which has given me the Courage to open up and speak my mind.

Caitlin Robertson
Caitlin Robertson - Account CoordinatorX

To me, Heart means genuinely caring about what you do and giving everything 100% regardless of how small it may seem. Most importantly, having Heart at SMRS means you are part of a sociable, fun environment with like-minded people.

Jon Windeatt
Jon Windeatt - Lead CreativeX

I’ve been writing copy for 16 years, and i still get a kick out of helping clients say the things they want to say in the best way i can think of. I love what i do. I fight for big ideas. And i know where apostrophes go. If thats not heart, courage and brains, i don’t know what is.

Adria Tarrida
Adria Tarrida - Education MarketingX

In terms of ‘blurb’, lets go with this: “I absolutely love our values, brain, Heart and Courage. If i had to pick one, it would be heart – Im from Barcelona after all! For me, it means passion for our jobs, our clients, our colleagues, our media partners, but mainly for our final customers: students and job seekers. Our objective is to help them connecting with the most suitable opportunities

Danny Reid
Danny Reid - ArtworkerX
Gail Pocknell
Gail Pocknell - Project ManagerX

The joy of work? The people of course..! We’re a mixed bunch…. but that’s what makes it great!

Mike Hoffman
Mike Hoffman - Account DirectorX

Courage means knowing that “because that’s they way we’ve always done it” is never an answer to anything.

Georgia Lavington-Brewood
Georgia Lavington-Brewood - Account ManagerX

Working with such a talented, diverse group of people makes everyday an enjoyable education.

Andrea Mcgowan
Andrea Mcgowan - Credit ControllerX

As the Credit Controller, I could be seen as the Wicked Witch of the West he he he my pretties. But by using the SMRS values of Brains to explain things simply, Courage to never give up and Heart to build lasting relationships, I can keep our cash flowing and debt under control.

Ben Tyson
Ben Tyson - CopywriterX

My life at SMRS is all about Heart. From the creative I work on to the people I work with and the shimmering table tennis trophy that so proudly adorns my desk. It’s fair to say I love my job and I genuinely do learn something new every day.

Hannah Rollinson
Hannah Rollinson - Trainee Multimedia DesignerX

To have the Brains to continually learn, develop myself and be successful; to have the Heart to do this with kindness and the Courage to be creative on a daily basis.

Marie Morton
Marie Morton - Head of CopyX

I walked into SMRS and immediately felt at home. That’s special. So is the feeling that comes from winning the trust of clients, the respect of colleagues and as many awards as possible ;)

Jayne Hughes
Jayne Hughes - Account DirectorX

I love to learn, and the pace of media change means I’ve never stopped learning. But it’s about so much more than just the media channel now. Working with really smart people gives me the opportunity to look at the same brief in a completely different way, and it’s great to be able to take an idea to a client and share their enthusiasm when we see how we can talk to an audience in a completely new way. It’s the special combination of Brains and Heart that does it for me!

Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis - Managing PartnerX

Brains, Heart and Courage are the characters in a story about character. They help lead, explain and embolden everyone and everything at SMRS. They are more than words on a page or a poster. They are what values are, when you live them.

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John Burke
John Burke - Digital AnalystX

I enjoy the fast-paced work and having an environment where your voice is heard. We’ve got a great team who are always to striving to be the best within our industry. And rounding off the week with Beer O’Clock doesn’t harm either!

Mandy Thorndyke
Mandy Thorndyke - Project DirectorX

Favourite thing about my job is my clients! Cheesy I know, but I am fortunate to work with some fantastic brands, my colleagues aren’t bad either! Greatest moment…there have been many from seeing a big campaign through, to managing big projects. Maybe best of all was winning a RAD for the skygrads site – team effort I know, but I met Sean Lock!

Zoltan Ferenczy
Zoltan Ferenczy - Account ExecutiveX

For me Brains is when the whole team works together on delivering a client brief. Courage is stepping outside our comfort zones and Heart is supporting and taking the time to help your colleagues out.

Paul Mayor
Paul Mayor - Digital Art DirectorX

My joy of work comes from using our Brains value, researching new and emerging digital technologies, discovering what’s out there, and via our Heart value, how it can help our clients. And of course bringing my vision to the screen.

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Jon Kirk
Jon Kirk - Account DirectorX

My favourite thing about my job is seeing the results – when clients feedback to confirm that the activity that we’ve worked on together has had the results that we aimed for or has even surpassed our aims. These times are naturally also ‘my greatest moments’ – seeing that the thinking and creativity has paid off and that we’ve delivered a great piece of work that everyone is happy with.

Dan Beynon
Dan Beynon - Head of EducationX

Working with a hugely talented team of colleagues and clients in a sector that presents new challenges daily is great fun. Finding the most effective ways for us and our clients to use the myriad digital channels and technologies now available is fascinating.

Stephanie Griffiths
Stephanie Griffiths - Client Services DirectorX

I love my London team. They are a fantastic bunch of talented and hardworking colleagues. We also work with great forward thinking clients who enjoy working with us!


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